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About Us

As a company devoted to good health, we have gone out of our way to choose the highest quality products that’s been tested to work. Our company is regulated by the FDA Departments of Agriculture (Federal and State).Our remedies and combinations are Kosher Certified by Rabbi Steinmentz. We currently stock 6,000+ remedies in all standard potencies and numerous bottle sizes:

X, C, M, MM, and LM potencies

Each product is a well-balanced combination of ingredients targeted directly at the problem. All our homeopathic remedies are 100% made in the USA, and chemical free. The bottle is easily carried in a pocket and is applied orally.

Always see a healthcare professional if problems persist.

You can search for a specific remedy using the alphabetical index above, or by searching the product name in the search field below the index. If you are not confident of the spelling of the remedy you're looking for, we suggest that you use alphabetical index, or search using the first few letters of the remedy. You do not need to enter the entire name to find the remedy you're searching for.

Our remedies are designed to help with your everyday health concerns: Allergies, Sinus problems, sleep troubles, indigestion, and stopping smoking are just a few of the problems where we can help - all without the use of drugs, side-effects or chemical additives.

How do we make our remedies?

All Natural uses a modern remedy manufacturing process called the Pure Signature method. This method was developed in the 1962's and 1975's by a group of leading homeopaths.

One of the most important points to remember; Stronger (higher potency) is not necessarily better.

All Natural remedies typically have a longer effect than remedies prepared in the standard homeopathic fashion. They are also not as sensitive to dietary intake Over 6,000 plant remedies listed in alphabetical order by botanical name.

All Natural Homeopathic resources believes that homeopathic remedies is a primary way to prevent disease and promote health.

A big thanks for those who actually helped going forward with the writing part of the web site and working as good team all together!