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Which products are Kosher?

All our homeopathic products are kosher certified by Rabbi Steinmentz. If you have any questions about our certification, please feel free to call: 845-481-3037

What's the difference between an X and a C potency?

The letters used after the potency for a homeopathic remedy refer to the amount of dilution the original medicine has undergone while being prepared and the amount of amplification it has received. In the U.S. the 'X' dilution is more common, in Europe the 'C' is more common.

How good are our products?

As a devoted company to our customers we produce the highest quality products and also of course, the best delevering service. Our homeopathic are a dietary supplement.

Our production facilities include:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Chemical free
  • Kosher Certified by Rabbi Steinmentz
  • Regulated by the FDA Departments of Agriculture

As you can see from this list, we go out of our way to seek certification. This ensures that when you purchase a product from us, it will be of the highest possible quality. It will be made following best-in-class safety standards. And it will be completely free of chemicals, herbs, pharmaceuticals, artificial and non-U.S. ingredients.